Terms & Conditions

Information About All services

  1. To avoid any Mistakes and Delays, Live services not included
  2. In All Services, the Maximum amount of orders mentioned
  3. Most Services will start Instantly, but didn’t mention because we do not promise, so you should count on 6 to 24 Hours until the service start
  4. We don’t have responsibility about Ban on any Website Because of these Services
  5. After the Competition of order, we don’t Have Responsibility about your account
  6. All services have high quality, but Cheaper Services Usually have Less Quality than more Expensive Services
  7. Don’t buy from other SMM providers until your order have fully deliver
  8. Don’t Reorder a service until your last order on that Network didn’t complete
  9. No Cancelation After Payment
  10. Send a ticket before order custom services (Comment, Keyword,…)



Speed: Each service has a different Speed, If The speed is Important for you, Please ask about it when you want order

Refill : Services that mentioned with Refill, it means in that period you can refill your order once.(once in 30-60,… days) and for lifetime it means you can refill once whenever you want

No-Refill : Services that mentioned with No Refill won’t refill if they dropped, and it is possible to drop anytime, Any number

Price : Prices are cost of services, and it is per 1000. For example, if follower service is $1 means you will get 1000 followers with $1


Working Hours

We work on : Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Friday off

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Time Zone + 4:30

Usually we will check the website 24/7,  But We apologize in advance for delays in responding on Non-working days/hours



  1. Bitcoin (Preferred) + 5% Bonus
  2. PayPal (Includes fee)


Refund Policy

  1. The refund means get back money to your account balance, We don’t refund to your bank account
  2. If any of Severs didn’t work within 3 days, We’ll Guarantee get back your Money Instantly
  3. If the ordered service was not available, your money will Back Instantly
  4. If you send Wrong URL, Change your URL, Your Profile was Private, There is no Refund
  5. If you change your mind during the delivery, There is No Refund
  6. No-Refill Services if dropped, There is no refund


Resell :

You can resell our Services, we will help resellers in two ways:

  1. If you have a website, you can use our website’s API from your Account’s Dashboard Menu, API section
  2. If you have not a website, We have a Service (ID : 2726) that we will create a SMM website for you with these details :
    1 Year .COM Domain +  1 Year Shared Hosting (1 GB SSD + cPanel + 100 GB monthly Bandwidth) + SMM website Script + API , The website will be fully yours, and you have to renew your domain and host in second year in your intended provider. Mentioned Price on the services list is for Nulled Script, If you want Genuine license it will $35 additional cost.


Our services are based on Honesty, Trust and customer Satisfaction, So please Read everything before order to avoid any Dissatisfaction, and we just guarantee what we mentioned, Thank you